Microsoft .Net Project Training

Our live project training program has been designed for B.E, B.Tech, MCA, M.Sc, MSIT Students or graduates in any discipline and fresh job seekers. Our live project training program or real time project trainingprogram is specially designed to gear up students and job seekers who are lacking the required experience, exposure and skill set in IT industry.

Course Curriculum

  1. Theory session (Duration:1hr):- Concepts and Fundamental of different topics in .NET.
  2. FAQ’s (Duration: 20 min ): - Discuss the doubts in current lecture and questions asked by companies on that topic.
  3. Practical Session (Duration: 1 hr): - Practical implementation of theory classes.

Weekend 1


Day 1st.

Introduction of Microsoft .Net

.Net Architecture.

Introduction and working M.S.I.L.

Introduction and working C.T.S

.Net Framework

Introduction and working C.L.S

Introduction and working J.I.T

Introduction and working of .Net Frame Work Class

System Name Space

System Type.

Object Class

Exception Class


Day 2nd:

Language and Syntax

Value Date Type

Reference Data Type

C.T.S Type

Conditional Syntax

Looping Syntax


Day 3rd:

Class and Object Syntax Introduction


Data Member


Day 4th:




Weekend 2nd

Day 1st:

Inheritance and Interfaces

Abstract Class

Sealed Class


Day 2nd:


Day 3rd:

Writing and using procedures

Modular Coding


Calling function and subroutine


Arguments – Passing Mechanisms

Overloading Functions

Day 4th:

Handling String , Char and Dates(part 1)

The Char Class

The String Class

The DateTime Class


Weekend 3rd

Day 1st:

Error Handling and Debugging

Type of errors

Design time errors

Runtime errors

Logic Errors

Exceptions and Structure Exception Handling


Day 2nd:

Working with Forms(part1)

Appearance of forms

Loading and showing forms

Day 3rd:

Working with Forms(part2)

Working with Form Properties

Day 4th:

Working with Forms(part3)

Designing Menus

Building Dynamic forms at runtime


Weekend 4th

Day 1st:

Basic Windows Controls(part1)

The TextBox Control

The Listbox,checklistbox and combobox controls

The scrollbar control

Day 2nd:

Basic Windows Controls(part2)

The Timer Control

The Image Control

Others Useful Controls

Day 3rd:

More windows controls

The common dialog controls

Using the common dialog control

The Color Dialog Box

The Font Dialog Box

The Open and Save As Dialog Box

The Print Dialog box

Day 4th:

Printing With NET

The Printing Objects

Printer and Page Properties

Weekend 5th

Day 1st:

Building MDI Application

Day 2nd:


Programming word

Day 3rd:


Programming Excel

Day 4th:

Working with Folders ad Files(part 1)

Accessing Folders and Files

The Directory Class

The File Class

The Path Class

Weekend 5th


Day 1st:

Working with Folders ad Files(part 2)

Accessing Files

The FileStream Object

The StreamWriter Object

The StreamReader Object

Day 2nd:

Working with Folders ad Files(part 3)

Accessing Files

The BinaryWriter Object

The BinaryReader Object

Day 3rd:

Database Handling with SQLServer 2000

Day 4th:

Database Handling with Oracle 9i

Weekend 7th

Day 1st & Day 2nd

Building DataBase Application with ADO.NET(part 1)

The Architecture of ADO.NET

Creating a DataSet

Data Bindings

Day 3rd & Day 4th

Building DataBase Application with ADO.NET(part 2)

Programming the DataAdapter Object

The Command and DataReader Objects

Weekend 8th

Day 1st & Day 2nd

Introduction to web Programming ASP.NET

Day 3rd & Day 4th

Web Forms/Controls

Validation Controls


Web Services

Project Development Process

Live project at Infosis which is based on .NET Technology with the help of C#.NET ,ASP.NET & ADO.NET for Windows/Web based development is an essential part of development and nurturing the skills for the FRESHER because it standardized the development of the kind of secure,portable,reliable and scalable application required by the World Wide Web Develepment.


Now Infosis will nurture you with the technology for real market of development.Here , You will practice the key module on following chapters.


  • What is Live Project?
  • Project Phases
  • What is Project Life Cycle?
  • Software Development Cycle
  • What is Project Team?
  • What does Project Team do?
  • Roles and Responsibilities
Course Fees:INR 7500/-