Course Curriculum Of Flash And DreamViewer


  1. Theory session (Duration: 1hr - 4 Days in a week): - Concepts of different topics in Flash And DreamViewer and Discuss the doubts in current lecture and questions asked by companies on that topic.
  2. Practical Session (Duration: 1 hr - 2 Days in a week): - Practical implementation of theory classes.

Course Contents
Adobe Flash
  1. Introduction
  2. Getting to Know Flash
  3. Drawing Basic Shapes
  4. Moving Beyond Basic Shapes
  5. Working with Layers and the Timeline
  6. Working with External Images and the Library Panel
  7. Working with Text and Fonts
  8. Using Graphic Symbols
  9. Creating Frame-by-Frame Animations
  10. Creating Shape Tweens
  11. Working with Motion Tweens and the Motion Editor
  12. Fine-Tuning Motion Tweens
  13. Adding Inverse Kinematics with the Bone Tool
  14. Creating Classic Tweens
  15. Working with Button Symbols
  16. Working with Movie Clips
  17. Working with Filters and Blend Modes
  18. Working with Audio
  19. Working with Video
  20. Adding Interactivity with ActionScript
  21. Integrating with Other Applications
  22. Publishing Flash Content
  23. Creating a Slideshow Project
  24. Creating Desktop Applications Using Adobe AIR
  25. Using Flash CS5 to Create iPhone Applications
Adobe DreamViewer
  1. Introduction
  2. Getting Started
  3. The Dreamweaver Interface
  4. Site Control
  5. Creating New Documents
  6. Adding Text and Structure
  7. CSS Foundations
  8. Controlling Typography
  9. Working with Images
  10. Creating Links
  11. Controlling Layout with CSS
  12. Working with Tables
  13. Working with Forms
  14. Building Templates
  15. Adding User Interactivity
  16. Working with Flash and Video
  17. Managing Sites
Course Fees:10000 Rs.
Course Duration:2 Months
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