Course Curriculum Of Microsoft .Net


  1. Theory session (Duration: 1hr - 4 Days in a week): - Concepts of different topics in Microsoft .Net and Discuss the doubts in current lecture and questions asked by companies on that topic.
  2. Practical Session (Duration: 1 hr - 2 Days in a week): - Practical implementation of theory classes.

Course Contents
  1. Introduction of Microsoft .Net
  2. Language and Syntax
  3. Class and Object Syntax Introduction
  4. Namespace , Inheritance and Interfaces
  5. Writing and using procedures
  6. Handling String , Char and Dates
  7. Error Handling and Debugging
  8. Working with Forms
  9. Advance Windows Controls
  10. The common dialog controls
  11. Printing With NET
  12. Building MDI Application
  13. Working with Folders and Files
  14. Database Handling with SQLServer,Oracle 9i
  15. Building Database Application with ADO.NET
  16. Adding Internet to the Application
  17. Application Deployment
  18. Introduction to ASP.NET
  19. Application and Page Frameworks
  20. ASP.NET Server Controls and Client-Side Scripts
  21. ASP.NET Web Server Controls
  22. Validation Server Controls
  23. Working with Master Pages
  24. Data Binding in ASP.NET
  25. Data Management with ADO.NET
  26. State Management
  27. Caching
  28. User Controls, Server Controls, Modules, and HttpHandlers
  29. Building and Consuming Web Services
  30. Ajax
Course Fees:7500 Rs.
Course Duration:2 Months
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