Course Curriculum Of Python


  1. Theory session (Duration: 1hr - 4 Days in a week): - Concepts of different topics in Python and Discuss the doubts in current lecture and questions asked by companies on that topic.
  2. Practical Session (Duration: 1 hr - 2 Days in a week): - Practical implementation of theory classes.

Course Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Input-Output
  3. Conditional Statements
  4. Looping
  5. Jump Statements
  6. String
  7. Lists
  8. Tuple
  9. Dictionaries
  10. Functions
  11. Modules
  12. Exception Handling
  13. OOPs concept
  14. Regular expressions
  15. CGI
  16. Database
  17. Networking
  18. Multithreading
  19. Sending email
  20. Web Development
Course Fees:10000 Rs.
Course Duration:2 Months
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