Course Curriculum Of Oracle10g


  1. Theory session (Duration: 1hr - 4 Days in a week): - Concepts of different topics in Oracle10g and Discuss the doubts in current lecture and questions asked by companies on that topic.
  2. Practical Session (Duration: 1 hr - 2 Days in a week): - Practical implementation of theory classes.

Course Contents
  1. Writing Basic SQL Select Statements
  2. Restricting and Sorting Data
  3. Single-Row Functions
  4. Displaying Data from Multiple Tables
  5. Aggregating Data using Group Functions
  6. Subqueries
  7. Producing Readable Output with iSQL*Plus
  8. Manipulating Data
  9. Creating and Managing Tables
  10. Creating Other Database Objects
  11. Including Constraints
  12. Creating Views
  13. Overview of PL/SQL Programs
  14. PL/SQL Control Statements
  15. PL/SQL Cursor
  16. Triggers and Exception Handling
  17. Procedure
  18. Function
  19. Packages
  20. DBA
Course Fees:5000 Rs.
Course Duration:1 Month
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